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Petrol In Diesel Can Ruin The Engine If Not Drained Properly

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Petrol in Diesel Van Specialists

Vans are a very important mode of transport for both humans and goods. They are being used a lot in the UK these days. In the past, nearly all the vans on the road in the UK were Petrol vans. But, with the advent of time, Diesel vans came into the market as well, and now we can see so many Diesel vans on the road these days. Having said that, a lot of issues which occurred with Diesel car owners have been occurring with Diesel van owners as well. A lot of owners have had several cases where they've put in unleaded instead of Diesel in the gas stations. That leads to a major problem as far as engines are concerned.

Petrol in Diesel Van Fixed
Petrol in Diesel Van Specialists
Put Petrol in Diesel Van

Why People Put Petrol in Diesel Vans?

Vans are being used a lot these days for both transporting goods via road as well as using them for personal purposes. A lot of people put Petrol in their vans by mistake. Their intention is to put Diesel but by mistake, they add Petrol at the gas stations.

Failure in realizing what has been done results in a lot of money spent in repairs and other stuff. If the person who put the Petrol gets to know the problem early, then his engine can be saved. If he keeps on driving and his van stops itself, then that would mean his engine has seized, which results is serious damage to parts inside the engine.

A lot of people deliberately add Petrol in their Diesel vans. The reality is that Diesel also acts as a lubricant for parts inside the engine as well as the fuel pump, and Petrol is flammable as well as a fuel which has no lubricating properties. So, when Petrol goes inside the Diesel chamber, it dries parts of the engine and increases friction. More friction means that the parts will collide together and damage themselves.

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Solution to Putting Petrol in Diesel Van

If you've accidently put Petrol in your Diesel van and have not driven the van too much, then you are out of trouble for now. The important thing is getting your van back to normal after this blunder. The ideal solution is getting your Diesel tank flushed and then refuelled to get it back to normal. For that purpose, you need a good fuel draining company which will drain your fuel tank in an efficient way.

Petrol in diesel Ford Transit Van drained

Make: Ford
Model: Transit
Area: Banstead, UK
Problem: Petrol in Diesel
Type: Van
Time of the day: Night
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Caroline Hirons was taking his entire family to the holiday resort in Brighton from Banstead, UK late at night due to a sudden plan when he suddenly stopped his Ford Transit van upon realizing what a huge blunder he had made.

He realized that he had filled his Diesel van with Petrol instead of Diesel. He was really worried but one of his family members told him about petrolindiesel. He immediately called the petrolindiesel team whose mobile van immediately came to the exact location, flushed and refuelled his van and he resumed his journey again within an hour.

Best Company for Petrol in Diesel

If you've committed the blunder of putting Petrol in your Diesel van and want to get it fixed quickly, then petrolindiesel.uk is the company for you. We've been doing this for so many years, and our experienced team makes sure to fix the problem in a quick time. All our services are completely mobile-based, so just give us a call and our mobile van will reach you in no time.

We'll fix your issue in front of you in mere minutes and refuel your van to get it ready for roaring again. After that, you can continue working on what you were doing before. We are the leading Petrol in Diesel draining company in the UK, so feel free to get in touch with us for your queries.

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